• Preparation of the preliminary budget and levy schedule for marketing purposes.
  • Review and advise on rules and/or additional/special rules.
  • Review and advise on the draft Plan of Subdivision.
  • Advice regarding the establishment of the Owners Corporation including services and overall management of the development.
  • Contractor negotiation on insurance and other common services of the Owners Corporation.
  • Establishment of relevant bank accounts, records and arranging the common seal.
  • Arranging the ABN and TFN where applicable.
  • Provision of Owners Corporation Certificates to solicitors prior to settlement of the units.
  • Convening and holding the Inaugural General Meeting.


  • Regular inspection of properties.
  • Scheduling and attending onsite meetings with tradespeople.
  • Advice regarding maintenance requirements observed during inspections.
  • Prompt service to all repairs and maintenance by first class, registered and insured tradesmen.
  • Quotations obtained for all major maintenance requirements.
  • Discussion with committee and acceptance of instructions for repairs and maintenance (including gardeners and cleaners).
  • Organising and implementing maintenance plans for Prescribed Owners Corporations.


  • Preparation and circularisation of Annual General Meeting documentation including financial reports, budgets, agendas, minutes, proxy forms and contracts of appointment.
  • Convening, holding and chairing Annual and Committee meetings during business hours and after business hours.


  • Preparation and circularisation of regular levy invoices.
  • Strict collection of outstanding levies and charges.
  • Prompt attendance to payment of all creditors’ accounts.
  • Maintenance of accurate accounting records using the latest industry specific computer software.
  • Circularisation of financial statements for presentation at Committee and Annual meetings.


  • General advice regarding strata insurance policies and companies.
  • To arrange proper and adequate building insurance through underwriters and/or insurance brokers.
  • To arrange insurance valuations with regular reviews when instructed.
  • Prompt attention to all insurance claims.


  • Prompt attention to queries concerning the Owners Corporation from owners, tenants, agents and solicitors.
  • Strict enforcement of all Owners Corporation rules and regulations.
  • Interpretation and advice regarding the Owners Corporations Act 2006, Subdivision Plans and all other relevant industry legislation and Acts.
  • Preparation of Owners Corporation Certificates in respect to the sale of units.
  • Liaising with legal experts regarding VCAT appeals and building defects.
  • Lodgement of annual return and compliance with other legislative requirements where necessary.
  • Provision of detailed GST specific financial statements for BAS lodgement in the case of GST registered Owners Corporations.
  • In the event of a management transfer, we will liaise with the previous manager to effect a smooth transfer of management.

We are happy to provide a no-obligation submission together with details of our Management fees and services.